Our Terrazzo Servces

We collaborate with architects, general contractors, and home owners to meticulously create and install top-notch terrazzo flooring, and pre-cast terrazzo solutions.

Terrazzo use cases:

Airports and Transportation Centers

Terrazzo is widely used in airports to guide passengers through terminals and concourse areas. By using colors and patterns, it provides visual cues for passengers, helping them navigate and reflecting the city's cultural narrative through floor design. Airports benefit from terrazzo's low-maintenance and long-lasting features, reducing repair and maintenance costs.

Schools and Universities

In elementary schools, vibrant colors create an engaging atmosphere for younger students, while school logos boost school spirit. For schools. terrazzo's durability and low maintenance contribute to cost savings.

Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

In hospitals, terrazzo offers a clean and hygienic flooring option. Its nonporous nature and resistance to bacteria, mold, and mildew make it ideal for healthcare facilities. The seamless surface of epoxy terrazzo enables smooth movement for wheeled transportation like hospital beds and wheelchairs.

Corporate Offices

Creating a positive first impression is crucial for businesses. Many corporate headquarters feature terrazzo floors to provide a calming and inviting environment for clients and employees alike.

Homes and interiors

Because of the customizability of terrazzo, architects and interior designers often recommend terrazzo for home floors and stairs as well as other pre-cast items such as counter-tops, table-tops, and as wall pieces. Terrazzo is adaptable to any style or design.

Green building projects

Terrazzo is a eco-friendly building material that uses any material to enhance the beauty and design, which can include recycled materials.

What our clients say

"We had the pleasure of working with California Terrazzo for our home remodel, that included our kitchen.

Their design team took the time to understand our vision, providing expert advice on color blends and patterns that would best complement our kitchen's design.

The work was masterful. The end result is breathtaking — a stunning, durable floor that has generated many conversations. Not only is it easy to clean and maintain, but it also has that wow factor that gets compliments from everyone who sees it.

We highly recommend their services to anyone looking to enhance their space with the timeless beauty of terrazzo."

Katie M
Saratoga, CA