About California Terrazzo

We provide your project a mix of old world artisanship and new world communication and production. Our terrazzo work is both beautiful and on time.

Our story

At California Terrazzo, we are passionate about preserving and continuing a family tradition of over 100 years. With decades of experience in terrazzo construction across Northern California, our team has worked on some of the largest and oldest installations - from international airports to educational buildings - with unparalleled expertise.

Our mission

We’re here to help you create lasting impact for your projects while lowering lifecycle costs and providing quality, enduring flooring for all. Our mission is to turn your ideas into beautiful realities!

What makes us different

Our People
Direct, driven, and passionate about our Terrazzo.
Fourth generation terrazzo craftsmanship.

Our Terrazzo
Old world artisanship with pragmatic, modern construction techniques
The most high end, unique, and beautiful flooring systems available today.
We've work on the largest and oldest terrazzo in the Bay Area.

Detailed estimates for approval begin each project.

Our values

We are a family business going back 4 generations. We continue to uphold a tradition of service and integrity that form the foundation of our company values.


Through skill, experience and commitment, we craft high quality terrazzo products.


We create beautiful terrazzo spaces with the broad range color and design combination.


Terrazzo is a long-lasting floor material that looks great for decades in high-traffic buildings.

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