Terrazzo Services for Sacramento County

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At California Terrazzo, we proudly serve Sacramento County and Northern California. As a fourth-generation Terrazzo construction company, we have a rich legacy in creating beautiful built environments. With over two decades of industry experience, we specialize in diverse commercial projects, including international airports, large-scale commercial buildings, educational facilities, and custom residences. Our passion for craftsmanship drives us to uphold our family tradition and continue thriving in the terrazzo industry that has lasted for more than a century.

Our expertise lies in crafting unique designs and customized floors that perfectly reflect your business's style and atmosphere. Our talented team can also bring your logos and custom artwork to life through pre-casting in our = facility.

Experience the timeless appeal, durability, and cost-effectiveness of terrazzo floors with California Terrazzo. We are unmatched in our ability to deliver exceptional results for large-scale terrazzo construction projects in the Bay Area, specifically tailored for commercial spaces.

Transform your residential property with sustainable, long-lasting, and stunning terrazzo floors. Let your imagination soar as we explore endless design possibilities for your floors, porch, or steps.

Public Buildings:
Terrazzo is the ideal flooring solution for high-traffic public buildings such as schools, transportation hubs, and administration buildings. California Terrazzo offers excellent options to enhance both functionality and aesthetics in these spaces.

Cities we serve:

Citrus Heights
Elk Grove
Rancho Cordova