High-traffic terrazzo for airports & transportation hubs

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Airports & Terrazzo: Connecting People Through Endurance and Design

When it comes to airport design, the elements of endurance and design intertwine. Architects prioritize creating spacious interiors capable of accommodating millions of individuals annually. Currently, one of the best building materials for high impact flooring is terrazzo, and is often considered by architects for its potential in airport construction projects.

Endurance of Terrazzo

Terrazzo is renowned for its enduring nature, often favored in airports worldwide to combat heavy foot traffic. Its exceptional durability ensures that the floors remain in pristine condition for decades with minimal repairs or damages. The longevity of terrazzo proves valuable in airport projects, aiding in cost savings for maintenance and repairs.

Design with Terrazzo

In addition to its resilience, terrazzo is also embraced in airports for its design capabilities. Acting as a bridge between people and airports, terrazzo often leaves a lasting impression of the city and its culture. Designers can unleash their creativity, incorporating artwork that showcases cultural or historical significance in terminals and concourses, or using wayfinding patterns to guide travelers in the right direction. When it comes to design flexibility, terrazzo stands apart from other flooring systems, granting architects and interior designers complete control over the displayed visuals within the flooring.

Why Terrazzo Flooring in Airports


For airport construction projects, many architectural firms choose to specify terrazzo due to its sustainability. With a focus on incorporating green building materials for the creation of healthier indoor spaces and the utilization of recycled materials, terrazzo becomes an obvious candidate.

Seamless Surface

Epoxy terrazzo efficiently covers large areas within a short span of time. As a result, terrazzo contractors can install epoxy terrazzo more rapidly compared to other flooring systems. Noteworthy advantages of epoxy terrazzo include its seamless transitions between floors, allowing smooth movement for wheeled suitcases and heavy equipment without the disturbance caused by joints, all while reducing noise levels.

Airports serve as gateways to cities, and terrazzo can enhance the essence of your airport projects.