Commercial Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo is a durable, low-maintenance material, it's perfect for busy places with heavy traffic. If you're interested in adding beautiful, custom flooring to your space, call us today for a free consultation.

Every commercial project is unique, which is why we collaborate closely with our clients to develop a personalized flooring solution that fulfills their specific architectural and interior design requirements. Our team of  professionals will assist you in selecting the perfect colors, patterns, and designs to complement the aesthetic of your commercial building. Moreover, we have the capability to integrate custom logos or designs into the flooring, making it a seamless fit for airports and transportation hubs.

With terrazzo you benefit from enduring and robust finishes perfect for large commercial and institutional settings. Architects and designers endless options to create epoxy terrazzo flooring or precast products to their specifications.

Our terrazzo flooring is also environmentally friendly and LEED-compliant, making it an excellent choice for sustainable commercial real estate.

This exceptional flooring type consists of small pieces of vibrant glass, quartz, or marble set within a cement-like base. It can be used to create stunning patterns and designs that imbue any room with personality and character. Terrazzo's durability and low-maintenance nature make it ideal for bustling businesses with high foot traffic.

Various advancements in materials and installation techniques have resulted in a wide range of terrazzo flooring options. From precast terrazzo to cementitious terrazzo and thin-set epoxy terrazzo, we offer comprehensive flooring solutions within the terrazzo range.

Epoxy terrazzo

Epoxy terrazzo offers a cost-effective, long-lasting solution that boasts exceptional surface resistance. Its limitless array of epoxy colors combined with various aggregates, glass, and shells allows for unmatched design possibilities.

Cementitious terrazzo

Ideal for outdoor use, cementitious terrazzo allows moisture to pass through from the underlying concrete slab. While it offers a slightly more limited color selection compared to epoxy terrazzo, it still provides ample opportunities for creating enduring and visually captivating terrazzo floors.

Precast terrazzo

This terrazzo variation involves shaping, casting, and polishing before installation. Countertops, benches, wall panels, stairs, and baseboards are commonly made using the precast method.

Custom-designed terrazzo

Collaborating with your desired colors and materials, we meticulously craft tailor-made terrazzo solutions that will bring joy for many years to come.